BNNTs Fly Mach 5: NASA Langley’s Catharine Fay at the 2016 TEDx Arendal

Presentation begins at 01:30 mark.

NASA Langley’s Program Manager Catharine Fay presents exciting developments in applications research and utilization for BNNTs. From Mars 2030 to new aeronautics materials, healthcare applications, and more. Catharine highlights BNNT’s role in providing innovative solutions for complex problems along with NASA's current technology sharing initiatives.


NASA | Radiation Shielding Materials Containing Hydrogen, Boron, and Nitrogen

Space radiation can cause serious damage to human DNA. It can also cause a variety of long term ailments including cataracts, cancer, and sterility. With current technology, humans cannot travel beyond low Earth orbit (LEO) for more than 100 days and still stay below permissible radiation exposure limits. To solve this problem, scientists at NASA Langley Research Center are looking into different ways to protect astronauts, including the creation of new materials with better radiation shielding capabilities.

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