Kevin C. Jordan, PE

Chief Engineer

Growing up in central Wisconsin (cheese head fan) Mr. Jordan, began professional life with an AA degree working briefly in telecom then took a position in 1978 at Fermi Lab working in mega-watt dc power systems and returned to Illinois Institute of Technology night school. In 1985 he took a position at DESY (Deutsches Electronen Synchrotron) in Hamburg Germany to work in the newly established Superlietung Hoch-Frequency Resantor (superconducting radio-frequency "SRF") group to help develop the accelerator structures for the HERA machine. After being recruited by the new SRF lab in Virginia, he moved back to the states in 1987, and returned to complete his BSEE in 1990. He worked to establish Jefferson Lab as a world leader in SRF technology and then was chosen as a founding member (Chief Engineer) of the Lab's Free Electron Laser. He has worked for more than 10 years in material science synthesizing new materials with his colleague Dr. Mike Smith. In the past 40+ years Mr. Jordan has worked around the world in many new facilities to get new machines commissioned & operational.

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