Preliminary research indicates that BNNT is not cytotoxic. Consequently the material may be useful in nano-textured cellular scaffolding for nerve and bone tissue regeneration, nanoscale drug vectors and delivery structures, and electroporation-based oncology (cancer) therapies.

Keeping its strength to over 900°C in air,  BNNT is projected to be the basis for a new generation of lightweight ceramic composites that should have a wide range of high temperature applications in systems such as jet engines. Low temperature applications could include dentistry.

Thermally conductive and electrically insulating components will be possible with new BNNT ultra strong composites.  Anticipated applications range from lightweight wiring for aerospace systems, to enhanced cooling of electronic components, to high performance batteries.

Flame resistant high strength cabling will soon become available in applications for use  in expanded ranges of temperatures and extreme operational environments. Including CNT cores will create a new level of high strength lightweight conductive cables.

Outstanding piezoelectric and electrostrictive properties are observed for BNNT. This combined with their exceptional strength will allow creation of nontoxic lightweight piezoelectric systems with better response and mechanical properties than current piezoelectric polymers.

BNNT composites very well with wide ranges of polymers. The scope of possibilities has only begun to be explored, this arena of BNNT enhanced composites is anticipated to have exceptional strength and thermal conductivity far beyond what currently exists in the market place.

BNNT can be the basis for neutron shielding composites for use in radiation shielding applications due to the presence of boron with its unique high efficiency for absorbing thermal neutrons. BNNT can also be used for ultra violet (UV) shielding applications.

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