BNNT P1-Beta

The initial product is considered “beta” because additional refinements in the production process are being made. The amounts of boron and hexagonal-boron nitride (h-BN) present in the material are being adjusted while optimizing for BNNT. Customers planning on utilizing wet chemistry to work with the material should take particular note of this, as different batches will have slightly different amounts of BNNT, h-BN and boron. All BNNT P1 (beta) products are catalyst free (elemental B and N > 99.9%)


Key BNNT properties include [1,2,3]:

  • Matches strength of Carbon Nanotubes (CNT); BNNT and CNT are the strongest two fibers that will ever be made.
  • Actually fibril, i.e. few wall very very long tubes (this has not yet been achieved for CNT in any quantity and may never be achieved).
  • Maintain strength to over 900°C; CNT start losing strength at 400°C.
  • Thermally very conductive.
  • Electrically an insulator.
  • White/clear. 
  • Functionizable. 
  • Possibly no cytotoxic effects [4,5].

Neutron Detectors

Neutron detectors with 96% Boron-10 (B-10) are under development.

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Discovery & Innovation 

  • Science --> the few wall novel materials with their unique chemistry will be the basis for scientific discoveries on the same scale as has taken place with CNT.
  • Product R&D --> the first few tests with compositing and biomedicine indicate that BNNT can be used for making innovative products that will make global market impacts.
  • Game changing products --> recent discoveries will result in the materials soon becoming available at prices and quantities that support long term investment for profitable products.

BNNT, LLC's goal is to provide the raw and purified BNNT for science, product R&D and game changing products.


BNNT Technical Data

View BNNT P1-Beta online technical data or download PDF.


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